Tina's Tyranny On Jockey's Foul Mouths!


23 July 2018

Tina Waghorn has been the host in our canteen for 3 years and has wasted no time making her stance on swearing known! Tina created a swear jar to make the jockeys pay for their bad behaivour, and aims to continue to donate all the funds to the IJF, Injured Jockey Fund. She has already raised a superb £264.74! 

Debroah Hay, PR & Partnerships Manager here at Lingfield Park has said "Tina has been the host in the canteen for around three years and she looks after them really well, but she doesn't take any nonsense," said Lingfield PR & Partnerships Manager Debbie Hay. "What she says goes.

"The swear box was her idea. She thought it would be a good way to make some money for the IJF and it's been brilliant – even she is surprised at how much she's raised."

So jockeys beware next time you enter Lingfield Park to keep it all PG or they'll be a price to pay! 

Professional Jockeys' Association executive director of racing Dale Gibson welcomed the news and said: "It's raising money for a great cause. Well done to everybody involved."

To find out more all about the amazing work that The Injured Jockeys Fund do, click HERE.

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