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Jockeys bow their heads down in concentration as they race towards the finish line.

Beginners Guide

Attending your first horse racing meeting is a thrilling and exciting day, but can be a little overwhelming if you’re not sure what to expect.  We have a number of great resources on site including race programmes full of information, and knowledgeable staff who will do all they can to help. But if you wish to prepare before you attend, we have gathered some interesting information. 

History of Horse Racing at Lingfield

Lingfield Park has hosted racing continuously since 1890, bar a break during World War ll. Initially opened purely for jump racing, flat racing was permitted from 1894. The track has since evolved and a new all-weather track was unveiled in 1989. 

Full History

Types of Races

There is a lot of ‘lingo’ when it comes to horse racing, but one of the basics to get to grips with is the different types of races that happen. Lingfield is one of the few racecourses in the UK to offer both flat and jump racing, as well as boasting an all-weather track.

Flat Racing

Flat Racing is as the name suggests, horses race the track without having to jump over any obstacles. The races can vary in length, and this will affect the level of prestige. They can also be run on turf tracks or all-weather surfaces. 

National Hunt Racing

National Hunt Racing or Jump Racing involves obstacles that need to be negotiated by the horse and jockey. The majority of this type of race can be split into hurdles and steeplechases. Hurdle races use hurdles (unsurprisingly), whereas steeplechases must negotiate other obstacles such as water jumps, offering a more difficult challenge.

The Going Report

The going report is something you will hear a lot about as it is crucial to how horses perform. In short, the going is a description of the condition of the course. The drier the ground, the firmer it is, meaning that the horses can go faster. In the UK the going report can be any of the following: Heavy, Soft, Good to Soft, Good, Good to Firm, Firm.



Our racecourse offers one Grandstand meaning all of our guests are close to all the action, whether you choose to spend your day picking your favourite horse at the Parade Ring or sampling your favourite tipple in our bars.  Those with hospitality access are also free to roam the course as well as enjoy the privacy of the hospitality areas.

How to Bet

Betting can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be. In brief, you look at the horses in a race, decide which you would like to bet on, how much you would like to bet, and whether you want them to win or place, then decide who you would like to bet with. 


Want more information before your first race day? Download our handy beginners guide to racing.

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