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Parade Ring

Before major races, the horses often line up in racecard order (numerical order) and led in front of the grandstands to allow racegoers to see them. At the end of the parade the horses are released to canter down to the start.

After each race, the horses all come back into this area and are met by their grooms. They will be unsaddled so that the jockeys’ can go and ‘weigh in’ and all the unplaced horses are taken back to the stables to be washed down. The first three placed horses are kept in the Parade Ring and circulated by the markers relevant to their position so that Press and Media can take photographs and conduct interviews with its ‘connections’. When all the jockeys’ have ‘weighed in’ you will hear a call of ‘horses away’ from the weighing room – this gives the all clear for the remaining horses to return to the stables. The Parade Ring is also where the winning owners and sometimes the trainer and jockey, will be presented with their trophy by the race sponsor.